simple accurate online payroll processing
built for the jamaica tax code
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  • Easy To Use
  • Convenient - Do payroll from anywhere
  • Send payslips automatically by email
  • Detailed reports
  • Automatic updates

SmartPaye allows Jamaican employers to manage and process their payroll online.
Who is this website for?
SmartPaye is for anyone that runs a small to medium sized business in Jamaica that wants a simple no fuss way of doing payroll.
I have little accounting knowledge, is SmartPaye for me?
Yes. The software is designed specifically with the non-accounting professional in mind. If you can use the Internet, you can be productive in SmartPaye in no time.
Can an employee see other employees' information?
No. Payslips may be distributed to the employees' email addresses, there is no access to other information.
Does it handle Contract Workers?
Yes. The software processes payroll for workers for whom the standard deductions do not apply.
How do I get started?
Start by clicking the Signup link. All new subscribers are given a free 30 day trial period to test out the software. If you are satisfied that it will meet your needs, simply select the Upgrade Account feature.
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